Central Vacuum System DesignCVS

Frequently Asked Questions and recommendation for design of an industrial central vacuum house keeping system.

>Selecting the Right Exhauster
>Selecting the Right Filter
>Tubing Design

Introduction to Central Vacuum House Keeping Systems

The typical central vacuum system differs from a traditional pneumatic conveying system or a dust collection system.   These systems consist of a network of small diameter tubing (Typically 2” up to 10”) with multiple connection points.  Each drop from the tubing network has a manual “inlet valve” allowing operators to connect a 1-1/2” or 2” flexible hose and perform general cleaning.

While a typical pneumatic convey system has defined source and destination, a house keeping system varies in the number and location of the pick-up vacuum points.  Most systems are designed for multiple user and needs to perform equally well when one user is using the system or all operators.   

The exhauster is a centrifugal design for smooth operation at various operating air volumes while maintaining the required vacuum level (typically 5” to 10” Hg).

This site is designed to offer general guidelines for the design of complete system that will perform trouble free and provide exceptional performance to any operator using the system. Protech Equipment will gladly visit with you and aid in the complete system design. We have 60 plus years of combined experience in the design of central vacuum systems, feel free to call on us.