Protech Equipment

Bulk Storage Solutions

Protech offers multiple solutions for storing your bulk powders & solids.

We can help with small bin and hoppers, bulk bag storage or silo and all related loading and unloading equipment. Let us help provide a complete solution to meet your needs.


Bulk Bag Unloaders
>Any Size Bag
>Multiple Styles of Flow Aids to Empty even the most difficult materials.
>Fixed and Mobile systems
>Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Sanitary Designs
>Various Integral Conveyor Options

Installation Photos:1BBD | 2 | 3

Bag Fillers  

Bulk Bag Fillers
>Bulk Bag Filling
>Volumetric or Gain-in-Weight Designs
>Vibratory Packing, Dust Tight Filling Nozzles & Multiple Options
>Automated Staging Roller Conveyors & Automated Hooks for Rapid Bag Changes

Installation Photos: 1Bulk Bag:

Work Bins  
Work Bins
>Standard Sizes from 1 Cubic Foot up to 2,000 Cubic Foot Storage
>Carbon Steel, Aluminum, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel & Polishes per Application
>Vacuum or Pressure Rated as required
>Round, Square & Customs
>Fully Customizable: Multi Inlets, Box Dumpers, Pneumatic Receivers, Manual Fill Ports

1Bin | 2Pant Leg | 3 | 4 | 5SS | 6

Welded Storage Silos
>Factory and Field-Welded Storage Tanks
>Sizes up to 15'in diameter (10,000 cubic feet)
>Skirt, Structural Leg or Lug Supports (load cell mounting also available)
>Hopper Designs for Center Draw, Offset Discharge, Chisel Bottom

Installation Photos: 1Silos | 2Pellet

Bin Vents  
Bin Vent Filters
>Traditional Bin Vents for Venting Silo During Truck Unloading
>Bottom or Top Bag Removal Options
>Large Vents for High Volume Process Applications

Installations: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |6Vents


Explosion Protection Solutions

>Chemical Isolation
>Explosion Venting
>Explosion Suppression and containment
>Explosion Testing of your products.
>Solutions for your bag houses that comply with NFPA codes. We offer evaluations of your existing system and will work with you to bring older system into compliance with current standards.


Protech also works directly with a network of local installation contractors so that we can provide you with a complete single source solution. Please contact us with your application and let us help solve your unique process challenge.